Schedule a Ride

Sitbaq allows you to select a vehicle type depending on your needs. By default, Sitbaq selects a basic vehicle for each ride. While scheduling a ride, you can select a different vehicle by selecting the car type button. You can select: Basic, Van, Premium and Luxury.

Basic: Typical Vehicle would have 4 seats (Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla or similar vehicles)
Van: Typical Vehicle would have 6 - 7 seats (Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna or similar vehicles)
Premium: Typical Vehicle would have 6 - 7 seats (Cadillac Escalade or Lexus GX/LX or similar vehicles)
Luxury: Typical Vehicle would have 4 seats (Mercedes Benz E-class or Audi A-6 or similar vehicles)
Yes. Please make sure you include this information while scheduling the ride. It is not specified during this time, Sitbaq can not guarantee that the driver will have one available at the time of pickup.
Yes. Please make sure you include this information while scheduling the ride. It is not specified during this time, Sitbaq can not guarantee that the driver will have one available at the time of pickup.
While scheduling your ride, you will see a notes icon icon, you can click it and add additional instructions for the driver.
While scheduling the ride, you can enter the promocode as shown.

Sitbaq provides you the opportunity to track your driver in real time. You can start tracking your driver 30 minutes before your scheduled ride by clicking on the "Track Driver" from your upcoming rides menu.
Ensure that you have a celluar or internet connection. You will also need to log into the Sitbaq application. There may be a chance that all the drivers are currently unavailable. If you still can not make a reservation please email us at
Sitbaq conducts rigorous background checks, MVR checks and interviews for every driver who wish to driver with us. Each driver passes through a complete criminal background check and a motor vehicle check that shows that driver had no major violations as proposed by DMV in last 7 years of their driving history. Driver’s vehicle has to clear a certified 19 point inspection. In addition, drivers go through interview process and regular safety trainings. A driver is immediately removed from our system if they violate Zero tolerance for intoxicating substance. We take every step needed to keep your ride safe and enjoyable.
You can directly call the driver by clicking the Contact Driver button on the Reservation Details section. You can leave a message with your details and ride details and driver will return your call.
First, review the details of the reservation through the Sitbaq™ mobile app. You will be able to identify the vehicle, license plate, and driver through his / her portrait. You may also contact the driver through the mobile app as well. Sitbaq also has designated locations in which your driver will be waiting. You can view the pick-up locations for each airport via the links below: [SFO] - San Francisco International Airport [OAK] - Oakland International Airport [SJC] - Mineta San Jose International Airport
Drivers with Sitbaq are required to have a trade dress on their vehicles as required by CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission). Additionally, you will be able to see the driver’s picture, vehicle, and license plate via the Sitbaq application.
Your safety is very important to us. First, contact Sitbaq at 1-888-6SITBAQ (1-888-674-8227) and provide details to the support team. We will make sure to rectify the issue immediately. Also, we highly recommend that you confirm the details of the ride with the driver before your ride.
You should first contact the driver via the Sitbaq App. This way you can get information on the status of the driver. If the driver is going to be too late, contact Sitbaq at 1-888-6SITBAQ. Sitbaq will make an effort to fulfill the service as quickly as possible.
A driver will wait up to 30 minutes for an airport pickup. Once the 30 minutes period is over and there is no contact from passenger, your ride gets cancelled. For a home or business location, driver will wait an additional 10 minutes after the scheduled pickup time in case there is no contact from passenger. Please make an effort to inform the driver of any delays so they can try to assist in a delay. Please refer to cancellation policy for more details.