Favorites & Referrals

A favorite driver is a driver that you would like to request again for a ride.
A favorite driver can be added in a few ways. If you signed up on Sitbaq using a driver code, that driver will be added as a favorite automatically. At the end of your ride you will receive a notification which will allow you to add the driver as a favorite. Additionally, you can go to ride history and select the image of the driver. From the driver profile, you will be able to add the driver as a favorite. Once a driver is added as a favorite, a red badge will be added to the driver's profile picture as well as rides in your ride history.
To remove a driver from your list of favorite drivers, first proceed to ride history. Select the profile picture of the driver you would like to remove. In the driver profile screen you will have the option to remove that driver as a favorite. The badge on the profile picture will become gray.
On the Book a Reservation screen, if you have selected a favorite driver, you will see a grayed face icon below the car type box. Click on the icon and you will see list of your favorite drivers.
From the Book A Ride screen, select the gray profile icon on the top right of the map portion. A small box will appear and allow you to select a favorite driver of your choice. Once selected, the gray profile icon will now change to the driver's profile picture indicating that you have selected this driver. This driver will be requested first before any other drivers will be notified of your request.
Your favorite driver always gets the ride request first, but if driver has another scheduled ride at same time then we try to match you with a similar driver for your ride.
From the menu select Credits. Here you will find your referral code. Simply provide this code to anyone who would like to receive credits towards a upcoming ride. You may also select message icon on the top right to send a message to someone you choose. Please refer to the promotion on the Credits page to see which promotion applies.
You will receive same ride credits for each referral and you can refer as many riders as you could.
For each referral you receive ride credit. While scheduling your ride, your ride credits are automatically applied for that ride.
You can only use $5 as ride credit per ride.
Ride credits will not be appled to a ride where you already used a promo code.
Your ride credits can only be applied towards your next scheduled ride booking and cannot be exchanged for cash.