To cancel a reservation first click on the menu button on the top left of the app. Next select upcoming rides. You will now see a list of upcoming rides. In the bottom right of the ride you will see a cancel ride button. Press the cancel ride button and proceed through the steps. Some fees may apply.
In the case that a driver does not show up. You should first try to contact the driver via the contact button in the Sitbaq App. If the driver fails to answer and does not show, please contact Sitbaq at 1-888-6SITBAQ directly. In many cases, Sitbaq will fully refund the cost of the reservation, if we can not assign a new driver. We take a no-show very seriously and will contact the driver directly and reprimand accordingly.
Drivers using Sitbaq can look up flight information if it has been provided by the user. This can be done in various ways. A user can provide the information in the notes section prior to booking a reservation. Additionally, a user can contact the driver directly through the Sitbaq app and provide the details or inform the driver of delays. Sitbaq recommends providing the information during the booking process. Sitbaq drivers typically wait up to 30 minutes in the case of flight delays unless contacted by passenger.